how to assemble maxi climber

How to Assemble a Maxi Climber in 7 Easy Steps

We’ve all struggled to assemble one piece of equipment or another. Whether you’ve purchased furniture or an exercise machine, home assembly of any item is usually a difficult, time-consuming process. Fortunately, the Maxi Climber isn’t one of those items.

First-off, here is a short, one-minute video for more advanced users, who have a bit more experience with this kind of tools.

Let’s continue with our assembly guide …

The vast majority of the work is done for you since most of the pieces are attached before it is shipped.

Assembling your Maxi Climber mostly consists of attaching a few pieces to the frame of the machine.

You don’t need any special tools, it can be done quickly, and it only takes one person to set it up.

The parts that do need to be assembled by the consumer are easy to put together.

Without further ado – here are 7 simple steps for putting together your Maxi Climber.

Step 1 – Prep the area and review the pieces

Before you do anything else, make sure you have room to spread out. Maxi Climber doesn’t take up a lot of space once it is completed, but you’ll want to have some extra space for the assembly process. This will help keep you organized and prevent any pieces from getting lost. You’ll likely need a couple feet in every direction.

Discard the packaging. Getting it out of the way will keep the area clean, and if you leave it around it will only get in the way. Keep the instruction booklet handy. This booklet has pictures of each piece, along with visuals for how they fit together and what the machine should look like once it is complete.

Make sure you have all of the pieces. In the box you should have:

  • The main frame of the machine.
  • Two L-shaped handles, one for the left and one for the right. They should be marked “L” and “R”, respectively.
  • U-shaped bars in two sizes, one large and one small.
  • Two straight handles that are fixed in position.

To assemble the Maxi Climber you will need a basic wrench. There is one included with your package, or you may use your own.

Prior to setting up the machine, make sure you have chosen an area with ceilings that are high enough to accommodate the completed piece of equipment. At its highest, the Maxi Climber stands seven feet tall.

You may not need to extend it to this height, but making sure you have enough room if you need it will prevent the problem from happening.

Step 2 – Attach the larger U-shaped bar

The most efficient way to assemble your Maxi Climber is to start at the bottom and work your way up. This will allow the machine to stand by itself while you finish assembling it.

Steps 2 and 3 form the base of the machine.

Turn the frame upside down. The top of the machine has “Maxi Climber” written on it. Invert the frame so that this lettering is upside down.

One of the arms can be pulled down. Lower this arm as far as it will go. This makes the space easier to work with since it keeps one piece of the machine out of the way.

Back at the top of the machine, there are two sets of nuts and bolts. Completely remove both sets by unscrewing them and taking off the nut.

Place them off to the side in a spot where they won’t get lost. There is now a cradle with two holes in it.

Insert the larger of the two U-shaped bars into the cradle, and line up the holes on each piece. It’s important to line them up properly, since having them uneven will result in a wobbly Maxi Climber.

Put the bolts back into place and secure them with the wrench. Before you tighten them, make sure they are passing through both the U-shaped bar and the frame of the machine.

Step 3 – Attach the second, smaller U-shaped bar

The arm that you folded down in step 2 now needs to be raised back up. Lift it back into its original position.

This step is very similar to the previous one, with one exception – this cradle will be smaller.

Remove the two sets of nuts and bolts on the arm, and again put them in a safe spot.

Insert the smaller U-shaped bar into the cradle, and attach it the same way you attached the larger bar.

Again, be sure the holes are completely aligned before tightening the bolts to avoid building an unsteady machine.

Once the bolts are secured, turn the machine upright. The two U-shaped bars you attached form the feet of the Maxi Climber.

The machine should now be able to stand up by itself, without you holding on to it.

Before moving on to the next step, let go of the frame to see if it can stand alone. If it can’t stand up and immediately tips over, go back and make sure everything is lined up and tightly secured.

Keep in mind that the machine will be slightly unsteady. This is corrected in the next step.

Step 4 – Stabilize the Maxi Climber

assemble maxi climberNow that the machine is the right way up, look at the base of it. You will see a metal pin, which is holding a bar. This is the stabilizing bar, which is responsible for holding the machine steady as you use it.

On either side, there are triangular metal pieces sticking out from the frame.

Removing the pin allows the stability bar to fall down into these pieces.

Pull out the pin. The stability bar will fall into place. Line up the holes in the bar with the holes in the triangular pieces. Re-insert the pin, being very careful to push it completely through. If it isn’t fully inserted your machine will not be stable and may tip during use.

how to assemble maxi climbersIn some cases, the bar may not fall when the pin is removed. This is because the gear is too stiff to move. In this situation, manually pull the bar down and place it into the triangular pieces.

Step 5 – Attach the pulleys to the frame

Close to the base on both the left and right sides is a spot with several screws. This is where the pulleys will be attached.

Look at the top row of screws on each side. On both the left and right side, remove the nut from the bolt in the middle of the top row. Reach upwards to get hold of the strings on the pulley. There is a round attachment at the bottom of the strings that looks like a ring.

Secure the strings by placing this circular attachment over the bolt you revealed when the nut was taken off. Replace the nut and tighten the bolt. Be sure to do this on both the left and right side.

The strings on the pulley system are what make the pedals move independently of each other to mimic the motion of climbing. At this point, you can test to see if you placed the metal ring in the right spot by moving the pedals with your hands.

If they don’t move, the strings of the pulley are not attached correctly.

Step 6 – Secure the L-shaped handlebars to the frame

Select the two handles that are longer and L-shaped. One is marked “R” for “right” and the other “L” for “left”. These are the bars that will move during your workout.

Place the bar marked for the right-hand side into the slot on the right-hand side of the machine, and do the same on the other side with the bar marked for the left-hand side. To ensure a solid fit, press the pin and slide the bar at the same time.

When the bars are firmly in place, the rubber grips will be parallel with the floor.

To adjust the height of the handles, press the pin and move the bar either up or down. There are five pre-set heights available to choose from. Select the height that feels most comfortable for you.

You can adjust the height again once you have used the machine if you find it isn’t quite right.

Just as you tested the pedals, it’s a good idea to test the handle bars. Perform a few test moves on the bars to make sure they slide.

If the handlebars don’t move smoothly, check to see that they are fully inserted into the slots.

Step 7 – Attach the stationary bars to the frame

Maxi Climber SizeThese bars are not intended to move when you use the machine. They are for holding on to if you only want to work your lower body, or if your arms need a rest during a Maxi climber full-body workout. (Read our Top 6 Tips to MaxiClimber Total Body Workout)

Face the front of the machine. On the back, there is a hollow bar. Slide one end of the handle into the hollow bar, and continue to slide until you hear it click into place.

Once you hear the click, gently pull on the bar to make sure it is secure.

Now your Maxi Climber is fully assembled. Before you start your first workout, do a few test movements on each of the handles and pedals. Move each part for at least one minute.

If anything isn’t secured properly you’ll be able to find the problem without injuring yourself.

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