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Top 6 Tips for Using the Maxi Climber Plan

As anybody who has tried different machines knows, it’s not just which exercises you do, but how you do them that matters. In order to make the most of your time using Maxi Climber, there are a few tips you should follow. Here are the top 6 tips for using the Maxi Climber plan.

Maxi Climber is an exercise machine that provides a workout for your entire body by mimicking the motion of rock climbing. This machine lets you combine resistance training with cardiovascular exercise.

One session on the Maxi Climber burns twice as many calories as a session on a treadmill. It also works muscles throughout your whole body, rather than in just one area, so you’ll see results in several areas.

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1 – Put in the most effort you can every time.

The Maxi Climber plan starts the user at ten minutes of exercise. Doing this three times per week will show preliminary results and get your body used to using the machine.

Make sure you put in a full ten minutes of work. This ten-minute session doesn’t include stretching, taking breaks, cooling down, or refilling your water bottle. It’s especially important to put in as much effort as you can in the beginning because this is when you start to develop your exercise habits.

Slacking off at the start encourages you to be lazy throughout the process, which will diminish the results.

If you aren’t used to exercising or have not tried a vertical climbing machine before, you may find that ten minutes is too much for your body to start with. For the first few sessions work out for as long as you can. Time yourself so you know what to aim for next time, and try to add even a couple of minutes to each session.

Keep in mind that the number of minutes isn’t as important as the amount of effort you put in, although time is much easier to measure than effort. Five minutes of intense use will provide much more significant results than ten minutes of bare-minimum effort.

Be sure to give the workout 100% of your energy no matter how long the workout is. By giving it your all every time, you’ll end your session feeling good about yourself and your progress. This will keep you motivated, and make it easier to get back on the machine.

2 – Add more workout sessions to your routine.

The designers of the Maxi Climber suggest that you start by using the machine three times each week. Once you start to feel like you aren’t pushing yourself with three sessions, it’s time to add another one. Be sure to step it up as soon as you feel like you’re not working as hard as you were before, instead of waiting until you are completely comfortable with the number of sessions per week. This strategy ensures that you are constantly pushing yourself to do better.

Also, try completing your workout while you are doing something else, like watching TV or listening to a podcast. The time you would have spent unproductively can now be used to help you reach your goals. Since climber machine can easily be moved for storage, you don’t have to worry about having out in the middle of your living room. In case you have some problems with the assemble of your maxi climber, check our guide.

If you don’t have enough free days in the week to commit to adding extra sessions, try extending the amount of time you spend on the climber each time. Start by increasing from ten minutes to fifteen for each session. As you become capable of easily completing that time, add more time to your sessions.

Eventually, you’ll find that you are spending longer and longer periods of time on your Maxi Climber vertical climber. If it gets to the point where you feel like you are spending too much time on the vertical climber, try including one of the following tips in your session to work harder for a shorter period of time.

3 – Use your Maxi Climber Exercise machine on a regular basis.

Consistency is key when it comes to exercising. Using any exercise machine sporadically won’t provide results, for the simple reason that your body isn’t burning more calories than it is taking in.

Make sure to use your mountain climber machine on a regular basis, regardless of how long the sessions are. To start, aim for the recommended three times per week. It doesn’t matter whether or not they are the same three days every week or if your schedule varies, as long as you are consistently using the machine.

Try to space out the days you use your machine. For example, use it every other day rather than three days in a row. Having a day off in between sessions allows your muscles to heal. It also means you’ll be burning more calories over time, rather than all at once. This allows your body to maintain balance.

In the beginning, you will likely find that your body is sore the day after a workout. This is due to the fact that your body isn’t used to the movements you have put it through, and need time to adjust. Leaving a day in between your sessions gives your body time to recuperate.

Also, spreading out your workouts means you will be able to account for any extra calories you take in on your off days, instead of having them compound over the course of three or four days.

You’ll also stay more motivated if you use the machine regularly. Any exercise gets easier the longer you do it, and Maxi Climber is no different. Regular use will make you feel like you are mastering the climber, which will make you want to keep using the machine.

4 – Try introducing interval training into your workout.

Interval training is an amazing way to burn extra calories during your workout. Instead of completing the session at your regular pace, mix in a few minutes of high-speed movements. Then, return to your regular speed. To safely introduce interval training into your workout, start small. Add one short session of high-energy movement into your usual session.

Once your body is used to interval training, repeat the cycle of high-intensity mixed with regular intensity as many times as you can during your workout. You’ll find that a shorter workout that contains interval training leaves you more tired than a longer workout without it. This is due to the fact that your body works significantly harder during the high-intensity periods.

The intervals where you move faster cause your heart to beat a bit faster, and makes your system work harder. This results in your body being able to burn more calories than it does when you exercise at only one speed. It also provides an aerobic component to your session, which will leave you feeling like you have worked much harder than usual.

Interval training also prevents you from becoming bored with your exercise routine. Since the high-intensity intervals require more energy, you’ll stay focused on what you are doing, rather than letting your mind wander.

5 – Increase the amount of weight you have.

Maxi Climber is designed to use your own body weight to determine the amount of resistance the machine provides. The resistance can’t be adjusted without changing the amount of weight you put on the machine.

The simple solution is to add more weight. This can be done by using weighted wrist or ankle straps, or a weight belt. Be sure to avoid adding too much weight at one time. Suddenly increasing the amount of weight can cause serious injury. Also, the Maxi Climber has a weight limit of 250 pounds.

Exceeding the weight may damage the machine, or cause it to malfunction.
Adding more weight will automatically increase the amount of resistance you feel when using Max Climber, which in turn makes it harder to move the pedals and handles. The more difficult it is for you to complete the movements, the more calories you burn.

Don’t add additional weight until you are fully capable of completing a minimum of three ten-minute sessions each week. You run the risk of seriously injuring yourself if you add too much weight before your body is equipped to handle it.

6 – Follow the meal plan.

maxi climber diet exercise planUsing the machine is only part of the Maxi Climber plan. When you purchase your machine, you will also receive a meal plan. The meal plan includes more than eighty recipes, ranging from smoothies to entrees to snacks. Along with the meal plan is a schedule for which exercises to do on the machine.

The meal plan you follow is based on your starting body weight. Be sure to follow the simple calculation to determine how many calories you should be consuming in a day to lose weight and stay healthy. The meal plan is set up for three weeks. After the first three weeks, you will likely see significant results. At this point, recalculate the number of calories you should be consuming to avoid overeating.

Substituting your own recipes for the ones in the meal plan may slow your results since the meal plan was designed to provide optimum weight loss without feeling hungry. Alternative recipes likely have more calories than the ones in the meal plan, and will derail your weight loss goals.

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  • Just got one, eager to mix up my routine. Thanks for the tips. I plan on using it with musical or moticational recordings rather than tv. Cheers.

  • Vertical climbers are so amazing and kick my a** in a really good way. They are my new favorite way to exercise when I am short on time. thanks for sharing.

  • I recently purchased my climber and it is helping me make positive changes in my life! As well as reading the previous great information! I do realize that food is a big factor in weight loss, but the number “#6 Food Plan” was not included with my climber purchase? Can you please send a meal plan packet.
    Thx 🙂

  • I am so happy with MaxyClimber because in a shore time can I get better results in my body burnning more calories, thank you

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